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Classically Trained Nerd


Originally hailing from Worcester, Massachusetts; Emma is an Italian-American bi-coastal actress currently based in NYC. Before entering VO, Emma pursued her B.F.A in Musical Theater at NYU Tisch and additional classical training at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. Whether it's a smooth talking Genshin witch, a warm coversational rasp, or dynamic children's voices; Emma is here to tackle your next VO project or assist you with coaching!

Grounded, Real Reads

Vocal Age Range: Kids, Teens, 20s, 30s
Vocal Tone Range: Mid-Low, Mid, Mid-High
Accents: Mid-Atlantic, New York, Boston 
Special Voice Skills: Boy Voices, Combat Barks/Efforts, Creatures (Ghoul, Small Critters), Improv, Trained Singer (Mezzo Soprano)

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Anchor 1


Neova Skincare (Smooth)
Fair Harbour (Upbeat)
OLIPOP (Attitude)
TravelPro Maxlite (Bright)
Time Jumper (Cinematic)
Space Rogue (Scream)
Submarine Cadet (Nasal)
Medieval Warrior (Period)
Smokey Vigilante
Young Gal and Critter Pal
Spunky Flirt
Sophisticated Villian
Blue Bunny (Quirky)
Samsung (Clean)
Femme Fatale (Low)
Fantasy Magician (Youthful)
Two Lil Lads
High School Mean Girl
New York Nonna
Warm Mom


  • whisperroom(MDL 4260)

  • Auralex foam padding with base traps

  • source connect standard 3.8

  • neumann tlm 103 mic

  • sSL 2 interface

  • REAper & Twisted wave daw

audio sample available upon request

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Get in Touch!

video game/animAtion:
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Other Projects & Coaching:

Marissa Robinson Marino


Allie Silber

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